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Another hardcore addition in NVIDIA’s Titan XP graphics card series – The 2017 model offers improved core count and more bandwidth for $1200

Nvidia Titan XP

Titan Xp (2017) unleashed

To our surprise, NVIDIA has brought the latest iteration of the Titan XP graphics card to the scene. With no prior information leaks or plans unveiled, NVIDIA has released a newer version of the Titan XP series. A commercial graphic card having GP102 die renders a full 60 SM configuration.

Some Major Upgrades

Most of the gaming geeks are well aware of the performance of the previous model of Titan XP. Now consider the performance with following added specs:

  • Increased core count having 3840 CUDA Cores designed on the Pascal Architecture
  • The ratio of bandwidth per core has improved to a new level of 142.6 MB/s/core
  • An improved 12.15 TeraFlops computing ability
  • A gaming monstrosity which you will be able to play in 8K resolution at 60Hz.

Does The Titan XP (2017)Justify Its Price Tag?

When it comes to the price, NVIDIA has kept the price of this model same as of its predecessor i.e. $1200. Pertaining to this high price tag, it becomes an utterly difficult task for one to purchase the newest flagship by NVIDIA.

So the answer to the question above may be a big ‘NO’ from many sides. But making an instant opinion about the card may not be fair at the same time.

Trying out the card has some risks because there are no specification test carried out by the major testing sources but if the company’s statement is to be believed, it may be a good choice for this price.

Because according to the company, “This is the most powerful graphics card ever!”.

Insane Computing Abilities

If 12.15 TF sounds less to you, embrace yourselves with an insane performance of 13.7 TF which will be a record itself. Subjected to a beefy power supply and a best quality aftermarket heatsink in place, this card can do wonders.

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