As revealed by NVIDIA, the updated shield TV at CES 2017. The experts have been generous since the testing on the device. Some of the consumers may have already had the opportunity to buy and set up the new Shield TV in their place. TechStunt suggest you to take a look on some cool tricks to maximize the Shield TV potential that you are not aware of.

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Expansion of the Memory

It comes in two versions with basic 16GB streaming media device offered at $199.99 and the pro Shield which has a 500GB capacity at a rate of $299.99. Nevertheless, for further expansion, Shield Pro has a microSD card slot. With its huge memory, Shield pro looks amazing as you don’t have to shell out the additional $100 just to expand the basic Shield TV capacity.

This is because of the 16GB box which lacks in a microSD slot. It makes up for two USB 3.0 port. Of Course, this means that you can actually dedicate external hard drives and two USB 3.0 flash drive for your content. Note that, therefore if one is using a non-USB 3.0 drives that may result in inconsistency. So it is best to look at NVIDIA’s suggested storage.

shield android tv still NVIDIA Shield TV, Making the Most out of it, Having Two Versions with Basic

If you understand that we have the right to say “we should have told you so” if you still am insisting on using an important external HD or the flash drive, you can attach the storage device to the part and still go to the Shield Android TV Setting page, choose “storage” and then adopt the drive. It is that easy as it sounds.

"Shadow of the Tomb Raider" to be optimized with NVIDIA's usual technologies

Connecting to the PC

Of Course, the Micro USB port used to interface the Shield TV device to PCs has been evacuated. Nevertheless, it’s truly not a reason for concern in the event that you have the correct link. That is on account of all you need is a USB-A to USB-A link to interface the container to your PC and you will see that it is still splendidly fit for doing precisely what the old adaptation does. Simply bear in mind to go to Settings, Storage and Reset, and empower “Shield stockpiling access utilizing USB.”

Having Universal Remote

Another perfect trap Nvidia added to the Shield TV remote control and diversion controller is the infrared (IR) blaster on both embellishments. This means both the remote and amusement controller can now control your TV or diversion focus’ energy and volume controls when you set it up. Simply make a beeline for settings the show and sound. From that point, pick either the power control or volume control and Nvidia Shield will locate the right IR code to help you match your gadgets with the adornments.

Fast App Switcher

A neat trick being shared by the Android Central that not many people know but would most likely to find it really useful. All one has to do is to double press the Home button of your game controller or your remote control and there will be a list of recently used applications you would want to open. On the contrary should you want to force close an application. All you have to do is highlight it on the application switcher window and press “Down” on the directional board

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