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Nvidia releases New GTX Titan XP Pascal, Unlocks The GP102’s Full Potential with 12.15 TFLOPs of power and 12GB of GDDR5X RAM Memory

nvidia titan xp pascal

Titan XP wins performance wise than 1080 Ti

No we haven’t been transported back to 2001 instead this is the Titan card from Nvidia (GTX Titan XP Pascal). Now I know what you guys might be thinking that where the hell were the rumors about this card.

Well we don’t really know to be honest, in fact the GTX Titan XP Pascal is already on sale on Nvidia website for rather hefty $1200.

That combined with the fact that the Memory Chip is actually a little bit higher 11.4 Gigabytes per second rather than just a straight up 11. It means you’re looking at 547.7 Gigabytes per second compared that to 484 Gigabytes per second.

It nice but it seems like an awful lot of money and that’s true. The 1080 Ti is currently around $700 obviously depending on your regional equivalent and which version of the Ti you get.

The GTX Titan XP Pascal is easily capable of most games running it at 4k 60 FPS. There are a couple of small differences: In terms of Core count you’re looking at 7% increase and the Bandwidth is about 14% higher.

Which is impressive when you consider. This card does put out a TFLOPs of around 12.15 TFLOPS.

Titan XP Pascal is all but rendered pointless at this point because obviously the 1080 Ti defeated in every single way. It had higher TFLOPS, it had large amount of Bandwidths, the only slight area is lacking in was Memory.

It had just 11 GB Memory of Ram compared to 12 GB. But 11 is not a bad number. Mean for 4k it’s probably going to be easily enough.


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