Nvidia recently released a driver update to fix the problems in its last driver caused ‘Crash’ Minecraft game.

nvidia geforce Nvidia release Driver Update To Fix Minecraft Crash Issues

The latest Nvidia 378.49 drivers, published a week ago on January 24 to fix the bugs in  Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and embrace the new game Conan Exile. many users complain about system crashes and black screens errors during the installation of Biohazard, additional many other problems with PhysX and few small bugs such as stuttering and artifacts in some games.

NVIDIA GeForce 378.49 Game Ready Drivers Nvidia release Driver Update To Fix Minecraft Crash Issues

Nvidia’s GeForce Game Ready driver 376.49 that rolled out on January 24 caused Minecraft to crash as soon as it was launched, according to the Minecraft community on Reddit.

To resolve that issue, Nvidia just released driver 378.57, which was released as a hot fix and it is only available directly from Nvidia’s official website. The company says it fixes crash issues in “Minecraft and some other Java-based titles,” as well as resolving a problem with Pascal-based GPUs that put them into debug mode by default.

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