A newer and better performing GPU was not the only thing that Nvidia had planned for us at GDC 2017. Along with a new GTX 1080Ti the green team have also cut down the prices on their recently released GTX Pascal GPU lineup. Including the GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and the GTX 1060.

The pricing on the new cards is very aggressive. As now you could get the reference model of the GTX 1080 for $499. A price cut down is not the only thing you will be getting along with your new and shiny GTX 1080. Nvidia has also boosted its memory speed as the card will now be using Nvidia’s newer and faster GDDR5X memory. Operating at a speed of 11 GB/s, offering a bandwidth of 352 GB/s. Over the old GTX 1080 which was limited to only 320 GB/s.

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If the price on the GTX 1070 wasn’t already generous enough. Nvidia is also dropping the price even more. The new GTX 1070 would be sold for $349 now. This makes it even more of a deal breaker than it did before. Gamers would now be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience at both 1080P and 1440P resolutions at a very affordable price.

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The price of the GTX 1060 would remain the same though. But the memory on the new GTX 1060 would run at a much higher rate now, just like the GTX 1080. Memory speed on the new GTX 1060 will now operate at 9 GB/s, providing a bandwidth of 216 GB/s. Over what its old model used to offer which was 192 GB/s.

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3096528 gtx1060review Nvidia Cutting Prices On Their Existing Pascal Lineup
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Indeed Nvidia is doing a lot more than it used to do, in support for their gaming community. Maybe the company is trying to capture the market with their aggressive pricing. As the time for the launch for AMD VEGA is just around the corner. Promising smooth gameplay at 4k 60FPS.

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