At a recent e-sports event NVIDIA quietly announced their new Pascal GT 1030 graphics card. You might have noticed that there is no ‘’X’’ in the branding of the new NVIDIA GT 1030. Well that is because the new NVIDIA GT 1030 is a budget oriented graphics card. Which would be going against the new Polaris RX 550 from AMD.

gt 01030 NVIDIA Pascal GT 1030 Is An Esports Oriented Budget Gaming Graphics Card

In terms of specs the new NVIDIA GT 1030 is exactly the same as the GTX 1050. But there are certain differences in frequencies among the two. Where the new NVIDIA GT 1030 comes equipped with 384 CUDA cores. Instead of the 640 CUDA cores count on the GTX 1050. Aside from that NVIDIA GT 1030 also runs with a lower 64-bit rate. Compared to the 128-bit rate on the GTX 1050.

NVIDIA GT 1030 also comes with a boost clock of 1468MHz. Which is coupled with 2GB of VRAM and has support for up to 8k resolution at 60Hz. While the cards also supports different ports, which includes a single DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI 2.0 port and Dual-link DVI port. The new GT 1030 will also be a great addition for gamers, who own a small form factor PC case. Because the NVIDIA GT 1030 also comes in a single slot solution. Provided by different AIB manufacturers like Zotac, EVGA and Gigabyte.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 31 NVIDIA Pascal GT 1030 Is An Esports Oriented Budget Gaming Graphics Card

The NVIDIA GT 1030 does not pack quiet a punch when it comes to RAW performance. But when it comes to e-sports gaming, the card performs better than your integrated graphics. While users should be able to get above 60 FPS in all of the famous e-sports titles out there. NVIDIA GT 1030 is currently going for $70, compared to the AMD RX 550. Which is going for about $80 at the moment.

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So what sides are you going to choose AMD or NVIDIA. Though no matter the choice, we think both of them are the cheapest graphics cards on the market. Which are running on the latest architecture.