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Computex 2017: Nvidia has got a solid chance to roll out the all new Volta-based graphics cards

Nvidia Graphics Card

Computex 2017
 is in its conclusion phase as the last day of the event is today and the Graphics geeks are expecting a Volta based architecture in the upcoming Nvidia Graphics cards. Nvidia has been dependent on the Pascal architecture for quite a long time now and as per the company’s announcements, it is time to experience the Volta-based gaming GPU from Nvidia. Previously, the company rolled out the professional series Volta GPUs and now it’s time for the gamers!

AMD Will Be Announcing Vega

The time is very crucial for Nvidia as AMD will be announcing Vega series of its graphics cards in the same event. To counter the launch, it is very important for Nvidia to launch the Volta based architecture series. To add to your interest, AMD is all set to display custom AMD Vega GPUs in the event which makes it even more important for Nvidia to roll out Volta.

Something Big Coming Your Way

As Nvidia has announced a GPU launch in their event which is set prior to that of AMD, this becomes very much obvious that the next big thing from Nvidia is actually going to be a Volta based gaming GPU. So our sympathies for you if you just bought a Pascal based GPU but don’t worry as there is much about the Volta-based architecture to be uncovered yet. Till then, enjoy your current Graphics card.

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