Nvidia recently announced that the company is working on making the world’s largest monitor display. This new monitor is already been developed with partners including Asus, HP and Acer. Where all of them including Nvidia will be working to make BFGDs (Big Format Gaming Displays).

004 nvidia bfgd big format gaming display ces 2018 Nvidia Is Working On A 120Hz 65 Inch Monitor With G Sync Support

Each display produced from these partners will come equipped with a 65 inch panel. That will support a maximum resolution of 4K HDR running on a 120Hz refresh rate. Aside from that the monitor also support full direct array back lighting with a peak brightness of 1000 nits and DCI-P3 color gamut support.

Nvidia BFGD displays will also come with Nvidia Shield TV build in. That would be able to run the Google Android TV platform that a lot smart TV’s run with addition of Nvidia apps and streaming services. Making it a complete package for both gaming and general use. Users would also be able to stream Netflix in 4k HDR alongside other streaming services. All of which will be available straight through the monitor without the need of a separate set-top-box.

143250 tv news nvidia 65 inch 120hz 4k hdr big format gaming displays come with shield android tv built in image2 hpwozvvsgp Nvidia Is Working On A 120Hz 65 Inch Monitor With G Sync Support

Services like these paired with a 65 inch monitor would be great for users who just want to entertain themselves, without having the need to turn on their PC. Because not everyone wants to turn on their PC, just to enjoy an episode of Stranger Things.

Gamers have always been asking for a TV that is as responsive as a monitor. Because unlike monitors a TV does not offer high refresh rates, making it difficult to game on. While most of the TV’s out there do offer game mode, reducing the latency even further. It’s never as responsive as a gaming monitor can be, Especially for PC users who love to use their mouse and keyboard. Reason why Nvidia is aiming for a max refresh rate of 120Hz.

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What do you think about Nvidia’s idea of bringing TV sized gaming monitors to the market?

nvidia bfgd Nvidia Is Working On A 120Hz 65 Inch Monitor With G Sync Support