Aside from their new Volta GPU, NVIDIA also announced their new GPU Cloud program. With the help of which developers would have access to an NVIDIA cloud system. Where they can harness the power of NVIDIA AI through their PCs at home.

Nvidia deep learning stack GTC17 keynote NVIDIA Announced Their New GPU Cloud Program Designed For Deep Learning At GTC 2017

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said ”we’re designing a cloud platform that will unleash AI developers, so they can build a smarter world. You can do your best work no matter where you are, using our latest technology in the cloud. It’s accelerated computing when and where you need it.”

Currently AI developers are facing two issues, when it comes to developing AI. One of which is gathering up all the software related resources that one needs. The other issues is the availability of a powerful GPU on hand. This is where NVIDIA comes in with their GPU Cloud program. Which would not only provide its users with the necessary software resources. But through cloud services, developers would also have access to high end graphics hardware. That includes the newly launched GTX 1080 Ti and the TITAN X.

Servers 640x400 NVIDIA Announced Their New GPU Cloud Program Designed For Deep Learning At GTC 2017

According to NVIDIA their GPU Cloud program provides the following benefits:

  • Purpose Built: Designed for deep learning on the world’s fastest GPUs.
  • Optimized and Integrated:The NGC Software Stack will provide a wide range of software, including: Caffe, Caffe2, CNTK, MXNet, TensorFlow, Theano and Torch frameworks, as well as the NVIDIA DIGITS™ GPU training system, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK (for example, cuDNN and NCCL), nvidia-docker, GPU drivers and NVIDIA® CUDA® for rapidly designing deep neural networks.
  • Convenient:With just one NVIDIA account, NGC users will have a simple application that guides people through deep learning workflow projects across all system types whether PC, DGX system or NGC.
  • Versatile: It’s built to run anywhere. Users can start with a single GPU on a PC and add more compute resources on demand with a DGX system or through the cloud. They can import data, set up the job configuration, select a framework and hit run. The output could then be loaded into TensorRT™ for inferencing.
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All of this will be made available to developers. Somewhere in the third quarter of this year. Though NVIDIA didn’t announce any pricing details on this new project yet.