Looks like AMD won’t be the only company to pay attention on the budget gaming market this year. Recently a picture of what seems to be a budget oriented graphics card was spotted on the internet from NVIDIA. As far as the leaked image goes, well rumors are that it’s of the upcoming NVIDIA graphics card. Which is said to be known as the GT 1030. A naming scheme that we haven’t seen NVIDIA use till now.

kfa2 geforce gt 1030 exoc guru3d We Might Soon See A New Nvidia Pascal GPU Named GT 1030

Well in the leaked image, there is a pretty slim graphics card, with a single cooler on top. Aside from that the graphics card also comes with one HDMI and DVI-D port. Some other information regarding the leaked picture also shows that it’s manufactured by KFA2. While the graphics card is from their Exoc White series. Where we have also seen other high end graphics card from the company. Including the GTX 1080 Ti as well as the GTX 1050.

If you don’t know NVIDIA names their entry level graphics card with the title GT. Which also makes the GT 1030 also an entry level graphics card. That should be replacing the current GT 740 budget graphics card that NVIDIA is offering for now. According to some rumors the upcoming NVIDIA GT 1030 will comes with 512 CUDA cores, 16 render output units and 32 texture mapping units. While the GPU die will be based on GP108-300 from NVIDIA Pascal architecture.

Untitled We Might Soon See A New Nvidia Pascal GPU Named GT 1030

The upcoming GT 1030 is not officially announced yet from NVIDIA. But it will be replacing the current GT 740 graphics card for sure. If that is the case then do expect it to be somewhere around the sub $100 market. Where the GT 1030 will be holding its place with the recently launched Polaris graphics cards from AMD. Which includes the recently launched RX 550 and the RX 560.

AMD introduced the world's most scalable GPU memory architecture; AMD Vega 10, 11, 12 and 20.

Low powered graphics cards like these does not hold much performance. Where users mainly use them to support their 4k displays or monitors. Because its always better to use a discrete GPU, to go with your processor.