As AMD just launched their Ryzen CPU in all its glory and is waiting for the launch of their VEGA GPU. Their rival a company named Nvidia just couldn’t sit ideal. Looks like Nvidia has plans of their own as the green team still has a pawn up their sleeves. Yes, you have guessed it right. The company is prepping up to launch their much awaited Gefore GTX 1080Ti graphics card.

The green team is going to hold an event on 22nd of February in San Francisco. If you go to Nvidia’s website, they even have a countdown there as well. Now you might be wondering what gave it off. That the GTX 1080Ti will be the star of the show. Well aside from the bold ”TI’’ in the word Time. According to some viewers the countdown time also had Nvidia GTX 1080TI written on it, that is not present there anymore.

ttNRLrTPMTLA2n73JMwAHD 970 80 300x171 Nvidia launching their Gefore GTX 1080Ti on 22nd February

Nvidia has always followed this cycle. Where the company comes out with new line of GPU’s each year. Right now the top of the line GPU’s, anyone can have their hands on are the GTX 1080 and GTX Titan XP. There is clearly a huge price gap between the two, with significant performance gap as well, where GTX Titan is the better one of the two.

But with the launch of GTX 1080Ti that difference won’t be there anymore. As always a ”Ti’’ card always have similar performance to that of a Titan, with a more affordable price. Yes, the New GTX 1080Ti won’t have the monstrous 12GB of VRAM, like on the Titan. But what it would have is Titan XP like performance.

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Are you excited for the launch of Nvidia new GTX 1080Ti? Or you are like me, waiting patiently for AMD to launch their new VEGA GPU. Personally I think this time around, buyers would wait till AMD launches VEGA, except the die-hard Nvidia fans.