So the crypto-currency mining fad is wiping out gradually as expected and it has adversely affected the GPU production. According to the latest stats, GeForce/Radeon GPUs shipments are expected to drop by a huge 40%.

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This is the result of a pop in the balloon of overwhelmed crypto mining which forced GPU producers to speed up the production in order to meet the growing needs. Moreover, Bitmain is releasing their Ethereum ASIC miner so the mining market is gradually starting to break up with the conventional GPU production market.

According to a report by DigiTimes:

Quite a few mining farm operators have even stopped purchasing graphics cards, as they are awaiting the rollout of Ethereum mining machines by China’s Bitmain in the third quarter of 2018. They anticipate mining rewards to pick up gradually in the third quarter, as Bitcoin and Ethereum values may rebind following sharp declines seen in early 2018, the sources indicated.

It’s time for those greedy retailers to starve who came into the business just to squeeze out the extra profits by blackmailing the customers in need.

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