An astonishing news from NASA came in after an ex-NSA contractor, Harold Martin confessed to being guilty of stealing some classified data from the department. The National Security Agency of USA has a great track record of maintaining the standard of its data privacy but something has been unveiled now that seems to be the biggest scandal in the history of USA. FYI, the penalty for retaining a single count of NSA’s info is going behind the bars for up to 10 years which is possibly going to be in the case of Martin too.

%name Biggest scandal in the history of NSA   Tons of classified data stolen in the past 20 years!

The Case

Martin, the contractor has admitted to having stolen up to 50TB of classified data from the NSA in the last 20 years. Martin also worked for Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp, so it’s rumored that Martin had been involved in misusing the hacking tools allocated to him.

The Offenses

A total of 19 other offenses are filed against Martin including stealing documents and information from US Cyber Command, the CIA, and the National Reconnaissance Office.

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