An ex National Security Agency contractor stealth a 20 years employment classified record. The contractor has been accused  by federal Jury.

The Allegations

Booz Allen Hamilton the accused contractor with 52-year-old Harold Thomas Martin is in allegation of  stolen as much as 50 TB of classified data agency sensitive data during his employment with the agency. The data is about the defense and intelligence department of the country, has been stored in Martin’s home at Maryland. Martin has previously served in navy, he has been employed in NSA in 1993. He has regularly cleared highly confidential reports so has an easy access to sensitive data.

nsa centric 623x420 NSA former employee has stolen 50 TB of government data of last 20 years


The theft started back in August 1996 which includes numerous defense agencies data. Martin stolen the classified data of CIA, U.S Cyber command and National Reconnaissance Office. It has also been reported that he has stolen 75% of the elite hacking tools of NSA Tailored Access Operations.

Well it has not been yet clear what he will do with data. But in criminal counts he has to face punishment of maximum 10 years imprisonment.

U.S. Attorney Rod said that “for long period of time Harold Martin has mistrusted the government and sensitive institution.”

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Similarity With Edward Snowden NSA case:

This case is next thrill after Edward Snowden data theft story because it is has stolen similar security data like Hamilton and Martin of NSA foreign surveillance operation. FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed to check the future procedure to avoid similar mistakes again.

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