The U.S. National Security Agency, the top U.S. intelligence officer released a report, According to the report, the NSA collected the more than 151 million call records of the American in 2016.

NSA1 NSA collected 151 Million Phone Records in 2016, avoiding the USA Freedom Act of 2015

According to the report, with the help of the USA Freedom Act of 2015, the NSA continued to work under the new system and collected the phone records of the year 2016. The agency indicates the about 42 suspects in the last year, however, the agency collects the data without court orders.

03nsa master768 NSA collected 151 Million Phone Records in 2016, avoiding the USA Freedom Act of 2015

While on the other side, the new Freedom Act allows the NSA to get the order of the court in each case and then they can get access to the telephone agencies to the record of the data. The agency collects the records from the September 11, attacks, the data consists of the call receipt, time duration and the exact time of the call.

Moreover, the NSA collected the 151 million call record in a year and the number of records is more than the agency get an order from the court. In that case, the agency defends itself by saying that, records are counted twice because they submit the reports of the calls by two different companies. Although the NSA tries to defend the record, but the figure is too large.

The NSA said in a report, the agency tries to stop the collection of the record for the warrantless emails and the text. The agency also targets the foreign intelligence. The USA congress is deciding to amendments in the laws that relate to the foreign intelligence collections for the emails and the text.

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