Youtube is the world famous video App working all around the world, with the Facebook likes and other apps youtube is still competing all these tech giant and youtube itself a tech giant exist between them, but there are some things that disturb people while using it like when you play a video and pause it for a while then after some time screen get locked and it paused and you can’t see it.

2015 07 01 image 25 Now Play Youtube Video On Your Locked Phone Screen
Image source: youtube

So few days ago i was watching a video with my friends , but there was something was disturbing me. i got really disturbed and locked my phone and put it away from me that cause the video ends after locking my phone i was unable to see that video.

Then after i thought being a app user that youtube has to take some innovation like we can watch a video after locking our phones and that innovation has many reasons like most of the people want to listen the songs in late dark night so that can’t happen because you can’t see a video song after locking your phone.

ByVwHMIIYAEgSCG Now Play Youtube Video On Your Locked Phone Screen
Image source: Youtube songs on lock screen

The active screen is very disturbing when you traveling late night and your co passenger is sitting with you he also disturb from your screen and most important like you want to listen your favourite song and you can’t listen to it because of the battery drain

The new innovation in this app also help your phone with battery you can listen to your favourite song without any problem with your battery .

You can lock it with google chrome and also with Mozilla fire fox.

It also describe as we did before for others above for Mozilla Firefox browser, but just there will be a little difference wen you start app from the google chrome, the video will automatically pause itself but don’t worry you can again play it with a lock screen and can enjoy your songs.

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