Today the Rockstar North has announced the open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game “Grant Theft Auto” which you can now play at your own Xbox One. Their expansion towards the Xbox One was a segment of the backward compatibility program. Point of fact, there are numerous GTA IV fans who have wished for a very long time to play the most demand game on Xbox One. Luckily, it appears as though Microsoft has been giving careful consideration to fan demands, as the Rockstar has now finally announced that the Grant Theft Auto IV can be played on the Xbox One.

101641563 ev ylEK4wJudvQDEjxT5dYshGIDDhB nHig4K24AjWY.1910x1000 7 You can now play the open world action adventure Video Game GTA IV on Xbox One

But now who owns the GTA IV on the Xbox 360 will see the GTA IV in the game library of their Xbox One. All they had to do is put the goddamn disc in their console dvd drive and install it. Also if someone wants to play their save game on Xbox One, they can only be played if the player have it in the cloud.

While GTA V is the best selling game in the recent years, GTA IV was also huge win when it was available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, sold over 25 million dvd’s up-till now. Niko Bellic wasn’t entirely as good as Trevor Philips but it ain’t that bad that people would not like to play it in 2017.

As the Backward Compatibility list is growing and have added Red Dead Redemption which now can be played on the Xbox One. It is likely predictable that in future they might add more Rockstar games.

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