A terrific marvel of engineering, your existing apple watch, but if you are still looking to walk down the memory and want to transform the apparel into a Macintosh, then the Elago W3 watch stand will be the ideal accessory for you to help out with that particular objective. Elago W3 was presented back in November 2016 and it has at last begun to get some Much needed traction.

You Current Generation is Transformed by Elago W3, Apple watch into a Miniature Macintosh which does not even Break the bank

To keep the Apple Watch from getting incurred with a boatload of scratches, the Elago W3 is involved up of silicone that will shield the wearable from wear and tear, despite the fact that it will in any case cause observable harm to the real adornment. In the event that you were wondering, the accessory is good with both the 38 and 42mm Apple Watch variations.

There is also a mode called night-stand – only accessory which has a slot for the Watch charging puck for Apple and a small compartment into a retro Mac. for your Apple watch if you are interested in purchasing the Elago W3 then it will only set you back by dollars 13.49 and if you want to experience the dark side there is also a black version available for it.

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