Instant tethering

Instant tethering operating its own way to some Android users in late January, permitting them to setting up an automatic hotspot connection between two or more devices. Now that the feature updates is officially available on android App, more people can access to it. But it still only operate with Pixel and Nexus devices. The new FAQ section committed to the feature update make sure what was announced before: Pixel and Nexus phones running Nougat can take a part as a source of internet connection. Tablets like the Pixel C and Nexus 9, as well as phones running Android Marshmallow, moreover, can only use shared data connections and can’t take part as a hosts.

Now you able to use that feature, you can share your devices through google account. You then activate Instant Tethering in the

  1. Settings and in setting select menu: tap “Provide the data connection”
  2. To set the host device “Get data connection” to set up a non-host phone or any other device.
  3. After first step of setup, your devices which is not host device will automatically connect to your host devices when you need an internet connection to your device.
instant tethering is now available on google pixel and nexus devices Now Officially Androids Instant Tethering Is Available
Image source: tethering device

It’s a pretty impressive deal if you are always busy on the go, so manually tethering devices all the time can be time efficient consuming. Another plus point is that your receiving non-host device will disconnect after 10 minutes automatically. No connectivity to save power battery and make sure your device/phone doesn’t die quickly.

Mobile Hotspot Quick Setting 840x500 Now Officially Androids Instant Tethering Is Available
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