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China has now new robot officers in their police that started to patrolling on street. China called it “Robot Sheriff”. It is actually no RoboCop, but it can come when it senses trouble.It was built by the China’s National University of Defense Technology and was released in April at the Chongqing International Tech Fa.

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It is equipped with an anti-riot droid with a non-lethal, electrical cattle prod. it is 1.6-meter tall robot and moves automatically due to installed system of cameras. It is now patrolling on one of the China’s biggest and busiest airports. It has some features which we amuse you like it can detect criminals because in its data, faces of criminals are saved and it can detect it.It can also recognize the staff from their card. It can avoid obstacles will moving and the most important and convenient it can charge itself so it doesn’t stop due to electrically charged riot control tool’.

Sensors of weather, humidity, and detect fire are installed in this robot so besides fighting it is capable of checking air quality and safety hazards and can inform us if there is some fire potential somewhere. An emergency response button is also present which can call police on any danger detection. This robot will also answer the questions passenger from the online news website China.org.

1353af0a3d7086e33049dbbe544cf7f9 Now RoboCop will Do The Cops Work
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It is not the first robot of China. China is very active in doing such experiments and launching the latest technology into practice. Such robot is also present before at Shenzhen Airport in Bao’an district of Guangdong province. it was able to carry out security checking and, like the Robot Sheriff also has the quality for recognition of people by face in its software as well as it has the ability to monitor environment and to identify common safety hazards.

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This Sheriff has already started its work and once caught the small fire on its first day of duty according to the Economic Daily. We hope it will get common in practice and is used everywhere.