iPhone 6/s to iPhone 7/Plus are generally same in design but there are some key and important changes made forward compatibility different from previous Apple products. One of it is Screen protector and cases, no matter how alike physical dimensions of iPhone 6/s and iPhone 7 but most of screen protectors of iPhone 6s do not fit on iPhone 7. This means you have to buy something very unbreakable for your new iPhone 7.

Tech Armor got solution for this. There are two different types of products for your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s to guard it and have strongest defense.One is the ballistic glass screen protector which you can get for seven dollars only and the other one is an ultra-slim case that’s made out of real body armor material.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector For Apple iPhone 7

  • Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors are specially designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7/ plus due to which it has no interference with iPhone 7 sensors and provide extra ordinary user experience. It helps to avoid any damage in case of any scratches.
  • It has round edges and INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY HD BALLISTIC GLASS which is made up of most high quality glass of Japanese Asahi with polished multilayered screen and provides 100% HD Clarity and 3D Force Touch Accuracy.
  • Another unusual feature of this protector is its round edges while iPhone 7 screens have curved edges so this protector only shields plane which decrease the possibility of bubbles. Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors is easily installed, strong and offers supreme coverage.
  • Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors are CASE FRIENDLY and works with almost every iPhone 7 cases without hinder in installation.
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evga 005 5 Now Get Unbreakable and Classic IPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector
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PITAKA Aramid Fibre Super Slim Fit Case for the iPhone 7

  • Aramid Fibreis the same material which is used to armor jet engines and space craft, Now we are using it in your iPhone 7 cases. These are slim and Luxurious with “Body Armor Grade”. However, the slenderness of your iPhone is retain with it. Thickness 0.03 inch. Min. Weight 0.42 oz.
  • A Baby-skin 3D-Grip touch. Texture uses in it is a Baby skin 3D grip touch which is totally non sticky with extraordinary cut resistant. Case is protective with three-layer covering and manual refining is done on these cases.
  • All the buttons and ports are easily accessible. Every opening is perfectly visible and aligned and with natural surface level.Now you dint need any small stick or pin to get access to any port.