Google Assistant infect a smart assistant is the must have device. It has gained so popularity since the last couple of years. For now, Google has upgraded the marshmallow and Android nougat update to get ride one tap on the device. It makes you enable to control the Google Assistant by your smartphone.

Google has announced at MWC 2017 the plan to update Android Nougat this week for users in Australia, UK, Canada and Germany. The user has no need to download the Google Assistant the update is added to Google Play services.

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What updates have been made?

As it has been reported in above paragraph the updated Google assistant has been made available initially for the customers of four countries including U.S, Australia, UK and Canada. The Assistant is updated would be rolled out today, the Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0  Marshmallow with Google Play Services, no need to download any additional app. To get started just tap and hold the home button. On eligible devices it automatically replaces Google search, to launch just hold the home button for a while.

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How Google Assistant Works?

The Google Assistant has a unique ability to extract information from previous texts and it gives accurate responses. For example, if you have asked what was the weather update on January 26. it will give you the exact response in form of weather updates on that particular date. Similarly, if you have asked how much profit the Kubo and Two Strings have earned in their first release? The Assistant will search first your previous history and then through the internet and will give the accurate answer. The Google Assistant is not only able to give the numeric information but it is also able to give the review and story line of the required film.

You can now take and share Screenshots with the help of Google Assistant

Other than search and answering queries it can help you to set your daily tasks. It turns on and off your home appliances. It is able to set alarm, turn on the tv, warn about weather predictions and search and assist in finding the Photos, for example, show me the latest version of iPhone.

It can connect to broad ecosystem getting a trigger from the third party by proper Wifi of connectivity medium. So, enjoy Google Assistant and install the program by just holding the home button or just say “OK Google”.