Facebook buy Netflix:

Now Facebook is a bigger social media ever, Sources tell us about the Facebook, that Facebook develops an application for Apple Company. This application supports Apple TV and also for Set-top cable boxes. The current amount of Facebook application user are 1.5 billion so Facebook has a large number of users, so it becomes web’s video provider to users.

Facebook Develop application for TV broadcast:

It’s near when Facebook Develop application for TV broadcast and cable TV and also develop applications for media streaming and also provides these platforms to users. Netflix has extended to many nations as of now and has the sort of substance arrangements Facebook can just dream of. If we talk about the shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) we picked up 140% in the course of in the three years. The online networking Goliath and the other advanced video master are in market sweethearts exchanging at lifted Valuations, and the topic of financial specialists in both stocks are most expecting incredible things from the following years.

Amazon Facebook Netflix Google Apple After buying Netflix, Facebook became a bigger social media network ever
Image Source: hl.co.uk

After buying Netflix, Facebook became a bigger social media network ever:

For this development, facebook needs licensing deals and created in-house. Purchasing of Netflix would not be an extend to help the Zuckerberg so this plan is creating a methodology. This methodology will facebook application to keep users in touch and keep more people its platform for stay connected with this application and also keep more and further people for long period of time so then facebook will be able to serve more ads definitely. so the top line tells different results so its work on the basis of subscriber count some years ago Netflix was canceled so the separation of ill-Conceived Qwikster, as well as they, served the unique subscription of 23.8 million on its DVD mailer plans and also it’s Digital streaming. So now the Netflix offers over the worldwide video streaming services.

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