Instagram is a kind of social media in which you can share photos and videos, these social media are also connected with Facebook in this application user can be followed by other users and also he can follow other peoples.

There is a good news for Instagram users, through this application, the user can share more photos on this application, so Instagram allows the users to share more than 9 photos and videos.

New update of Instagram application:

Instagram introduced a new feature that users can upload more than one picture and Videos. So you can see the others remaining photos by swiped left and right. In a single post, users may upload More than one picture and also videos.

Now you can share ten photos at one time in Instagram:
This is official A report from the Instagram, by the new changes in this application you don’t need to post a single pic twice a day or more than a single post, now you can share more than one picture or videos in a single post.

instagram 840x560 Now you can share up to ten photos at one time in Instagram
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New update:

This feature is added in the new update Of the Instagram and this feature is provided to iOS and also for the Android users, But there is not any additional feature for the doodle and stickers on over the picture, but there is an option for editing the selected photos and videos and also can crop and square the ratio of images. Instagram providing the additional features in this update and also Removing restrictive.

There is another amazing feature in this update of Instagram when someone posts more than One picture or videos so the dedicated icon will appear on your profile which indicates that this profile uploaded more than a single image. Further, there will appear blue dots at the end of the picture.

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