Limited time offer.

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro hit $450 during the holidays, but now you can get this on a very low price . Amazon has it for $499, as does B&H. Samsung currently has it for $549.99.

samsung chromebook pro table 300x225 Now you can get Samsung`s Chromebook Pro at only $479 for one day only.

it has 12.3 inch touch screen LCD display with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM.. Not sure if the Chromebook Pro is for you? From our review of the Chromebook Pro:

This is far and away the best Chromebook Samsung has ever made relative to the competition at the time, and considering how strong the market has become that’s an extra bit of praise. It’s extremely thin and light without feeling cheap, has an excellent display and plenty of power for any Chromebook user while hitting a reasonable price point of $550. It also has the added bonus of a stylus that performs just as well as Samsung’s Note line of phones and tablets.

This is a solid Chromebook, and at this price, you won’t find much better out there. Be sure to grab one now, before the discount is gone.

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