These are perfect for stuffing stockings or as a gift to yourself.

With each day that passes Bluetooth headphones become more of a necessity than a luxury.As the companies removing headphone jack left right,, and no one wants to deal with the wires anymore, but not everyone wants to spend a ton on headphones.But now you can again some high quality Bluetooth with price as low as $16.

The options include:

So, how do you decide between all of these? You can’t go wrong with any of them, but there are a few differences here, so let’s break it down.

bluetooth headphone collage 300x225 Now you can buy many Bluetooth headphones with prices as low as $16.

You’ll want to go with either the iClever or Aukey offerings, IF  battery life is what you’re after. Anker has 6 hours playback while both these have 8 hours playback.. The Anker and Aukey headphones have magnetic buds, which means that when you aren’t using them and have them around your neck, they will clasp together, which is more secure on you and prevents them from possibly falling off by accident.

All the headphones are water resistance which make them more perfect. its sound quality is good. The Wirecutter names Aukey’s Latitude headphones one of the best sets under $50.

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