Notebook 9 series rocks the company’s sales to unbelievable limits.

Samsung is currently offering two sizes in its 9 series: a 13.3-inch display and a larger 15-inch machine. And according to recent reports, in just two months, both the versions have taken the sales to a very satisfactory level. i.e. over 100,000.

Screenshot 1 5 Notebook 9 series rocks the companys sales to unbelievable limits   over 100,000 sales in just 50 days


It indicates the devices have got enough potential to rob the market of others.

The most notable feature that has been showcased in the series is the latest Kaby Lake processors from Intel. Besides, the brand has also upgraded the battery back up by driving them more responsive and supportive. The feature to depend is high-performance PCIs-based SSDs.

Although, the record sales so far has been reported from South Korea, it is hoped that other areas too will bring similar results, which collectively will give the other competitors a very tough time.


Some of the features of both the versions are given below:

Both have a Type-C USB port, with a limitation of a support for Thunderbolt 3, which clearly indicates that an external GPU enclosure cannot be carried out.

Although, consumers in the world of smart technology have always cherished for durability along with reliability in batteries, it is often not provided.

Screenshot 3 2 Notebook 9 series rocks the companys sales to unbelievable limits   over 100,000 sales in just 50 days


However, Samsung has really made it possible to give a support of as long as 80 minutes on both the models, with Type-C USB port making it possible.

Similarly, the notebooks showcase Adaptive Fast Charging that is popular for recharging the battery to up to 2.1 hours in just 20 minutes.

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To talk about the entire battery life, one must be contended with its 7 hours long battery backup on just a single charge.

Although, it compels the user to be selective in using application and programmes when the  system is not connected, it is sufficiently reliable for those who keep a regular eye on the edge limits of battery timings.