It’s not uncommon for retailers to get cases before a cellphone has been formally disclosed, yet these cases aren’t generally 100% exact. So bring the greater part of this with a grain of salt.The Samsung Galaxy S8 is extremely popular in the Android world nowadays. Consistently acquires new leaks and bits of gossip. Today, the MobileFun got their hands on two or three cases that are as far as anyone knows for the Galaxy S8.

They showed in video both the cases of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The cover her showed in a video there is a cut at the bottom corner which looks like the Galaxy S8 is coming with the S Pen. AS far as we know the S pen is reserved for Note Phones only up till now.

As we said earlier, these case leaks have been off-base some time recently. MobileFun claims that the creator of these cases is one of their reliable accomplices. That doesn’t mean you ought to take the break as 100% genuine. We’ll take in significantly more about the Galaxy S8 in the coming months.

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