While Doom 2016 remains in conversation, somebody found out something really interesting regarding the 1995’s release, the Doom II classic. The game has already turned 24 years and just now, a secret on Map 15 was discovered.

It was revealed by Daikatana developer John Romero who, in his recent tweet, congratulated the gamers for finding a secret in Doom II that has remained unsolved since 1995. Zero Master has discovered the secret on Map 15 of Doom II and here’s what’s so special in it:

A teleporter would be shown as a secret, but wouldn’t trigger the secret itself. Why? Because a bug stopped the player from setting it off, a few secret herbs and spices needed to be used… which after reading it, sound ridiculous.

In order to complete the secret on Map 15 of Doom II, you had to have an enemy knock you into it… you couldn’t just press the button. Unbelievable, but also awesome – 24 years on.

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