This is 21st century and every one is well aware of the magics that can be done by the digital devices. One of those magics is the AI, the artificial intelligence assistance. First it was Siri from Apple, than Samsung is about to make a debut in AI sector with the all new Galaxy S8, and now the MIKA from all times godfather Nokia which is expected to be introduced in this years MWC.

1485631880 nokia mika social media graphic en medium Nokia On Fire: MIKA The New Personnel Digital Assistant Or Industry Optimizer


Nokia made a return to the cellular market with its all new N6 which had a tremendous response in the market, which raised the expectations level of everybody to a new standard. As per rumors, Nokia is expecting a launch of almost 5-6 smartphones this year.

Nokia is coming up with innovations with added value, which was once its core competency. Now, it came up with a new innovation, MIKA (Multi-Purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant) to help and optimization of telecom sectors work.

Nokia launched its customized digital assistant for telcos called MIKA Nokia On Fire: MIKA The New Personnel Digital Assistant Or Industry Optimizer


MIKA is not yet for commercial assistance for daily usage like playing music with a voice command etc. rather its design is to offer answers to technical problems, whom are based upon other networks drawn experiences.

As per the company they say that MIKA being powered by NOKIA AVA cognitive service will provide voice dictated assistance to spent less time on information search, helping the operators to be focused upon the desired business tasks without being distracted by the complex nature of network tech enviroment.


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