Nokia has the rich history other than smartphone and mobile manufacturing. The company had disastrous relation with a Microsoft to enter the smartphone market.

Birth of Nokia Corporation:

In 1865, the Nokia Corporation was founded on the banks of the Tammerkoski Rapids in Finland. It was basically a business of wood pulp mill by a mining engineer Fredrik Idestam. He was quick to recognize the demand and opened another mill on the banks of the ‘Nokianvirta’ river in Finland. The Nokia name of the phones was drawn from this river and the town of Nokia.

nok 3cecnokia headquarters logo sign 001 630x472 large Nokia Corporation has rich history other than production of mobile phones

Back to the 80s

In 1988 the company put the focus on mobile market and within a decade the company achieve a big market share and stood number one mobile manufacturing company. Before that, the Nokia Corporation was a portfolio of three companies.

The root of Nokia ringtone:

The Nokia ringtone is not actually written. It is actually solo guitar composition known as Grand Vals written by Francisco Tarrega in 1902, the company has nothing to do with the creation of ringtone.

The Rubber products of Nokia Corporation:

The other key product of Nokia is the rubber products like rubber boots and tires. The brand of boot is ultimately known as ‘Nokian Footwear’ till 1990 and later sold to Berger. Dating back to 1898 the company finished the rubber work and expanded the portfolio to the production of more products like hoses and machine belts.

In 1912 Nokia started producing telegraph, electricity and phone lines:

In 1871 Nokia Company (Nokia Aktiebolag) shared venture between Idestam and Mechelin. In 1912, the company started producing  Cable Works, the domestic cable for telegraph, electricity and phone lines. With joint venture of two companies in 1967, the Nokia Corporation was formally established. In 1960 Nokia started making various defense products till 1983 the company found various developments.

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Nokia militery products

Throughout the 1970s, Nokia produced network and infrastructure division, it was a profitable part of the company till 2014 when the company entered the market of smartphone.

Post-Westerlund a Real Electronics era.

In 1977, Westerlund was succeeded by Kari Kairamo, it is the real beginning of electronics era till 1990. From then the company expanded its production television and computers. In 1981 the first computer named as Nokia Data and MikroMikko M1 produced. It was quite advance with the feature of 64Kb of memory, two 5.25-inch 640Kb disc drives and a hefty two-kilogram keyboard. In1982 first car phone, in 1984 first mobile phone launched by Nokia of a quite heavy weight of 5KG. Then 1987 the company launched Mobira Cityman a hand size mobile.

Nokia Mobira 2 w782 Nokia Corporation has rich history other than production of mobile phones
The Nokia Mobira Talkman was one of the world’s first portable phones. / © NOKIA

Under Kairamo’s leadership the company led covered milestones on achievements then it started losing the market of the computer and television divisions, he committed suicide in December 1988. Simo Vuorilehto succeeded him and then Jorma Ollila from 1992 until 2006. In 1990 Nokia sold off all its remaining non-telecommunications businesses. The company has already sold Nokian Tyres, Nokian Footwear and the original paper business with two year (1988-1990). Now The Nokia has decided to re-enter the smartphone market, it has launched Nokia 6 first android phone which has covered a good market.