Starbucks has gone a little off-brand as a customer has reported something very strange. ‘Noah Dinkin’, who went to Starbucks and connected his laptop to the store’s free Wi-Fi, noticed something very strange. He noticed that there was a 10 seconds delay when he connected his laptop to the W-Fi and in those 10 seconds, his laptop was being used for ‘Bitcoin Mining‘.

Dinkin’s Tweet

Dinking tweeted about this issue while tweeting it to the Buenos Aires Starbucks by saying that he has detected a forced 10 seconds delay in the free Wi-Fi connection and those 10 seconds are used by them for mining Bitcoin using your laptop.

Dinkin termed it as being a “little off-brand” to do such acts as this was not the problem of a single Starbucks store in Buenos Aires, rather it was being done in almost all the branches of the city as he himself tested it in 3 different stores.

Starbucks’ Clarification

starbucks wifi Is your Starbucks stores Free Wi Fi safe? A man has red handedly caught these SB Free Wi Fis being used for Bitcoin Mining

Starbucks took a notice of this scenario and completely denied it as being their fault. Here’s what they said:

Last week, we were alerted to the issue and we reached out to our internet service provider – the wi-fi is not run by Starbucks, it’s not something we own or control.

Also, Starbucks made it sure that their customers will now be provided with a safe Wi_fi internet as they have taken “swift action” into resolving the problem with their ISP.

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