A shocking rumor has caught our attention, stating that AMD hasn’t allowed ASRock graphics cards to be sold in Europe. According to an ASRock’s Sales Manager:

The problem is that AMD has not agreed to sell (ASRock graphics cards) in EU, that is really a pity.

While it might be shocking for some of us but this is a thing of routine for bigger companies, Ever wondered why Colorful or Colorfire graphics cards are banned in Europe? Basically, there are way too many board partners in this region!

Customer Rights

With all the due respect to the company policies, it is a matter of customers choice, whether they want to buy a product or not. So for the most of us, putting a straight ban on a range of products is never really a good idea. Keeping all the options open to the customers provides them the ability to choose the right model, at the lowest price possible.


The good news is that if you are living in Europe and somehow you are completely falling for the ASRock products, paying some additional taxes and shipping costs will do the needful for you. Liking the AMD “Freedom of Choice in PC Gaming” marketing campaign much now?

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