If you are following the No Man’s Sky title since the beginning, you would know that it was a mess in the start. Released by Hello Games, the title became the talk of the town among the gaming circles and faced huge criticism. But the things have started to change now in the favor of Hello Games!

no mans sky next unit farming No Man’s Sky leaves behind major titles including ARK: Survival Evolved and Team Fortress 2 in terms of concurrent steam players!

The title is now creating a buzz again after 22 months of struggle. Guess what? The game has now entered Steam’s top 10 most-played games with a peak of 84,612 gamers playing the game, the last time we checked. For a comparison, No Man’s Sky is ahead of ARK: Survival Evolved and Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Not only this, the CS: GO is also left behind with its huge player base of around 370,000+ concurrent players at the moment.

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