Sony recently launched their new flagship smartphone known as the Xperia XZ and XZ premium. With the new smartphone Sony certainly will make a lot of their fans happy. In terms of the features that are present on the phone. Though same can’t be said about the US market.

Sony has confirmed that, US variant of their new Xperia XZ and XZ premium will not feature a finger print sensor. Sony did reply to the reason why, by saying that “There are a lot of external and internal factors that contribute to us making a conscious decision not to include a fingerprint sensor.’’

sony xperia xz fingerprint 680x378 Finger Print Sensor To Be Disabled On The US Varients Of The Sony Xperia XZ And XZ Premium
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Aside from that Sony also believes that. When it comes to the US market, people aren’t interested in having a device, with a fingerprint sensor as an additional security. Though it’s not true. As most of the smartphones used in US, do have a fingerprint sensor in them. Maybe Sony does not want to disclose the real reason, why the company is doing it. Aside from that the relation between Sony and US carriers are also constrained somewhat. Reason why Sony sells their smartphones fully unlocked and not through a carrier like other companies.

Do know that, a finger print sensor will be there on both the Xperia XZ as well as XZ Premium. But US citizens won’t be able to use it. Because this feature would be disabled by Sony, only in the US market. Maybe Sony is bound by a carrier or something to make this kind of decision. But that is how Sony is going to introduce their new smartphone to the US market.

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2017 Sony Xperia XZ Smartphone Price in Pakistan Specs Review Price Rs. 49990 Finger Print Sensor To Be Disabled On The US Varients Of The Sony Xperia XZ And XZ Premium
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Sony might reconsider and re-activate the finger print feature on their upcoming Xperia XZ and XZ premium later down the line. But till then if you are someone, who uses a finger print sensor to secure your device. Then Sony is not the way.