Big news for Nissan lovers is that the Japanese automobile company has just launched a newest model; a Nissan Note e-Power model “series hybrid” vehicle. The company has pretty high hopes from the subject car hoping this ‘gateway model‘ vehicle to meet the entire requirements of those; interested in electric cars.

images 1 1 Nissan Note e Power Is The Newest Entry Into The Hybrid Automobile Cars

However, Note e-Power is an ‘in-between’ type of vehicles since the same is neither a completely electric car nor a pure hybrid one, being Japan’s latest and only type of hybrid vehicle in automobile world so far. And why the new model is dubbed as ‘series hybrid’ because the car runs on, operates through an electric motor, making the front wheels move.

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At the same time, the Nissan Note e-Power comes with a gasoline 3-cylinder, 1.2-liter engine and when it comes to charging the batteries of the vehicle; this engine acts solely as a generator but takes no active part in moving or driving the wheels at all; certainly a brand new concept adopted by the Japanese car industry.

But it also has a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine that acts solely as a generator to charge the batteries. The engine does not drive the wheels in any way, and for Japan, that is a new concept and in other words one can say that new car will have both the electric motor power and a petrol engine.

When compared to already available hybrid cars such as Prius Prime or Volt, Note e-Power has a unique feature, making the it evidently different i.e. you won’t find or see any ‘plug-in port’ there in this car. The vehicle has reportedly passed all kinds of road tests and it is believed to be one ‘revelation to ride’ series hybrid car and it delivers as instant, cool and smooth acceleration as Nissan’s Leaf.

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Nissan Note e-Power is thus a pleasure to drive and ride since its going to be a quieter, smoother and lovely e-power experience for hybrid and electric car lovers.