The Wii wants it next console, the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo want to distinguish itself from the competitors from existing market giants the Play Station 4 and Xbox one. The Nintendo switch can play games TV when it is connected to a dock or on the portable console. But there are plenty of the features are similar to PlayStation 4.

The Nintendo has primary console machine:

Previously the Nintendo make the console as complementary machines. Instead of Wii and Wii U has offered first party experience through motion control and touch support for MassEffect in Andromeda or Madden NFL 17. The Nintendo switch is capable of giving the same experience for the games like 1-2 switch and Arms. Potentially is home console and obviously, you need only one PlayStation at your home. Don’t make a hurry on altering PlayStation 4 with Nintendo as it is not available before March 3. Until then the Sony console is the best available option for exclusive and multiplatform releases, this feature is supported on Nintendo.

Sony PS4 35618167 01 Nintendo vs PlayStation 4: which is a best option to

The specifications of PlayStation 4:

  • Dimensions: inches11.3 inches x 10.4 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.62 pounds
  • Processor: PS4 with ”CPU: 8-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” and powered  GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon
  • RAM: on the board memory 8GB GDDR5
  • Internal Storage: 500GB removable hard drive
  • AV Output: HDMI out
  • I/O Output: Super-Speed USB 3.1 
  • Communication: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Controller: DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move
  • HDR: Yes
  • 4K: No 
  • Built-in screen: No
  • Battery life: N/A 
  • Physical media: Blu-ray disc
  • Price: $300
  • Availability: Now – Amazon, GameStop

The specification of Nintendo:

  • Dimensions:10 inches x 4.2 inches x 0.5   
  • Weight:0.65 pounds    
  • Processor: GPU/CPU: “Nvidia customized Tegra     
  • RAM: Rumored to be 4GB 
  • Internal Storage: 32GB of flash storage 
  • AV Output: HDMI out 
  • I/O Output:1 USB-C2        
  • Communication: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, LAN with adapter 
  • Controller: Joy-Con or Pro Controller
  • HDR: Unknown  
  • 4K: No
  • Built-in screen:1280 x 720
  • Battery life: Up to six hours 
  • Physical media: Proprietary cartridge
  • Price: $300 
  • Availability: March 3 – GameStop   
nintendoswitchbothways 1 Nintendo vs PlayStation 4: which is a best option to buy
Nintendo’s new game console

Good bye Nintendo NES Classic! The company stops manufacturing NES Classic consoles

The PlayStation is likely to compete with Nintendo because PS4 is heavy and spacious, on the other the hand, the  Nintendo is much lighter and supports TV dock as well.

The Nintendo has number o switch and slot to connect with also supports microSD card and PlayStation 4 has only one USB slot. The A portable configuration, the Nintendo Switch gets up to six hours of battery life and three hours in its base station to charge.

PlayStation is not able to unlock and it is not a smart idea to play only a few games that optimized with the PlayStation. But to avail maximum opportunities you have to wait til March 3 to purchase a Nintendo Switch.