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Nintendo Switch triumph again in console war says NPD April 2017 Report

Nintendo Switch

Full monthly report from NPD is now publicly available, the Nintendo Switch for the second month in a row was the best selling console and obviously as NPD are only in U.S but even still they sold over 280,000 units which is not too shabby. 3DS also did well for itself selling over 68,000 units during the month of April. And together they actually made up almost half of all hardware sales across games systems which is no small feat.

It shows the insane interest that they are in Nintendo Switch and they still maintained interest in these 3DS. Also we have seen the success of the games as well. The much lauded “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” sold 460,000 fiscal units and that only released on April 28th and the NPD cutoff date was April 29th.

According to Nintendo if you actually count digital with NPD doesn’t always do, they have actually sold 560,000 units. Unsurprisingly Wrath of the World is selling like hotcakes and 1-2-Switch and Snipperclips also store strong sales in April. So despite the weirdness that 1-2-Switch it says we did okay for itself as Snipperclips have actually had good things about ever since it was only playable at press events.

So, that is but a preview of NPD report for the month of April as always we only go for what they already mentioned.


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