Nintendo Switch is surely one of the best choices when it comes to handheld gaming devices. Whether you own one or not, you might be familiar with all the existing famous titles that the console holds. Do you ever wonder how many of them are there?

%name Nintendo Switch will soon be having 1000+ titles, as told by Nintendo Perfectly

Well, according to the latest study, the Nintendo’s portable console is soon going to have 1000+ titles. A full list has been provided by Perfectly Nintendo showing nearly 1000 games. Remember that these titles are for all the regions throughout the world.

According to the figures given by Nintendo Perfectly, the classification on the basis of each region is very interesting to look at. The main three regions as listed by NP are:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Japan

The said titles do not include the announced and upcoming titles, rather the list consists of only the available titles. Here are the figures:

Nintendo Switch games available to gamers since the console’s release back in 2016 comes in at 928 (all regions).

  • North American gamers have 846 games
  • Europe stands at 2nd position with 834 games
  • Japan stands third with just 543 Nintendo Switch titles

Total Nintendo Switch Title Releases

  1. North America: 846 (2017: 342 / 2018: 504)
  2. Europe: 834 (2017: 342 / 2018: 492)
  3. Japan: 543 (2017: 243 / 2018: 300)
  4. Total (all regions): 928 (2017: 388 / 2018: 540)
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