When we are reported more about nintendo switch app, we learned that there will be more advance App still coming from the tech companies. However,we also try to observed that smartphone companies should involve in App advancement for the ease of people and give services to them , this week, Nintendo finally nintendo introduce that how online service can give with smartphones.

885x Nintendo Smartphone App Now Updated With Voice Chat, Matchmaking And Friends List
Image source : nintendo game

Part of announcement leaked out this month Splatoon 2 March beta Nintendo revealed some more details about how the Nintendo Switch app for smart devices will work.

this App can connect friend with each other else also can get an appointment from the friend to play a game with them. Who ever is connected to the game playing can also connect to other friend or get involved through other social networks like Facebook. “And also allow those people in the game which are directly connect to the game and also can do voice chat while playing through smart devices .”

nintendo switch2 Nintendo Smartphone App Now Updated With Voice Chat, Matchmaking And Friends List
Image source: nintendo switch

It is also can happen when you are playing game and your name is In game list so other else also can play with you directly. It also can happen to prominent that you will be able to add other friends through social media accounts, rather then using codes of playing game you can play with those who were playing before many years and want to start again.

This App is totally entertainment based App and can entertain you playing games with friends and friends of friends and can get appointment through other media App or through the game play list of your friends and can also invite other to play games.

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