Today we are living in a world where not only the walls have ears, but you might have ghosts around you from which you might have be aware of. That ghost is called technology. Pre-release news and specs revealing is just a part of day these days. This time its Nintendo who got some news leaked somehow.It is about it’s new forthcoming Nintendo Switch Console, the new portable gaming experience.

However some of the news are rumors or leaked information whereas some are confirmed by Nintendo through many different press release by them.

CI NintendoSwitch Console image912w Nintendo Reveals More Specs About Switch Console Along With Horis Branded SD Card


Nevertheless; a lot is being known now through different sources but yet there’s still a question yet to be answered that is the specifications of the customized Tegra Processor used in the Switch Console. Well we hope this question gets answered as soon as possible, fingers crossed.

Nintendo told about the measurements of it’s upcoming console i.e. 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm along with the already attached Joy-Cons . It weighs around 297 grams without the attached Joy-Cons, else it would weigh 398 grams.

Nintendo also confirmed another old news about the Switch Console’s 6.2-inch touchscreen will provide a resolution of 1280×720 video output when docked into console.

3146038 nintendo switch 10.0.0 Nintendo Reveals More Specs About Switch Console Along With Horis Branded SD Card


Another news which is I think is a flaw for such a huge name, which is its irremovable 4310 mAh. This is a major issue for a potable gaming console. Yes the battery gives a backup time of 6 hours of playing, but what happens if somehow the battery gets roasted of stops taking charge??? Nintendo says it will offer a replacement for the cost yet to be disclosed!

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Another new interesting news is the development of branded SD cards which is expected to be used in the console. The Nintendo Switch it self comes with a 32 Giga Bytes of built in memory, but extendable through a memory card slot as per the user’s requirements.

Nintendo joined hand with Hori to produce the official Nintendo Switch mirco-SD cards. Its’s already in the market in two capacities i.e. 16GB & 32GB. Not ignoring the cost of the cards (as per the prices on Amazon) 16GB costs around 19$ and 32GB is around the coust of 30$ which is pretty much higher than that of other mirco SDs, almost double the cost of them.

screen shot 2016 10 20 at 10 06 16 am Nintendo Reveals More Specs About Switch Console Along With Horis Branded SD Card


Nintendo did not said any words regarding if its new Nintendo Switch will use only this branded card or would other SD card be compatible with it or not, as its specification says that it supports a number of SD cards like microSDHC & microSDXC, without mentioning that either branded or not, lets see what happens after its official launch.