Following quite a while of unclear reports, Nintendo is at last sure about their gaming program for mobile phones. And, Ninetendo have reportedly declared that they will release 2 to 3 mobile games each year. While everyone’s eyes are right now centered around the forthcoming release of Nintendo’s latest console. Tatsumi Kimishima who is currently the president of Nintendo exposed that this cell phone games launch annually is start from this year and forward.

Fire Emblem Heroes which is going to be release today on both platforms i.e Android and iOS and the other one titled as Animal Crossing postponed to 2018, also they haven’t revealed yet what game is going to be releasing this year.

1 2 Nintendo Plans to offer Two to Three Mobile Games Annually
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It’s conceivable that Nintendo’s better handle the time and more importantly to create worthy cellphones games.

7K 13 Nintendo Plans to offer Two to Three Mobile Games Annually
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For over a year, Nintendo’s has been saying that they would launch a sum of 5 applications before the completion of March 2017, including Miitomo. and Animal Crossing smartphone game postponed until April, it will rather just achieve three among Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes, which makes a big appearance this week.

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This recent strategy of company’s smartphone games is an indication of the craving to be more various in the gaming territory. They additionally appear to have a freshly discovered enthusiasm for keeping mobile gaming with their upcoming gaming console Switch having the capacity to work as a gaming tablet.

Obviously, Nintendo should hit impeccably on all platforms in 2017. Because they are already seeing a lot of heat from their Wii U campaign which was a fail. This take us to the only conclusion that the Nintendo should bring change and create quality games so that in future they don’t have to face the heat again.

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