In Nintendo news the internet is still wondering why Nintendo without the blue kill off the NES classic mini even though it was a cash generator for them. There was a lot of demanding craze for it but, we may finally know why. So, EuroGamer through their sources who by the way gave us pretty good Nintendo Switch information before it was released said that:

Nintendo is working on a SNES Classic Edition.” One speculation is that because NES classic edition had supply chain issues. Nintendo decide just to kill it so, they can fix any bad image regarding supply issues. This was also a way for Nintendo to regroup and this fall release a SNES Classic Edition.

6 30 Nintendo Is Working On A SNES Classic Edition: Will Be Released This Holiday Season

By this holiday Nintendo would have stocked-piled a large quantity of SNES Classic for shipment and avoid the same mistake that the NES classic had. Nintendo never really anticipated the craze for the NES Classic. It was just a out of the blue product that consumer wasn’t really aware of but then when they find out it was just crazy.

If the SNES Classic Edition is real there’s one thing Nintendo has to fix. There’s overwhelming requests from fans asking Nintendo to give the controller a longer cable. Because the short cable really didn’t do too well when you have to play it in front of the T.V and you have to be up close to it.

8 15 Nintendo Is Working On A SNES Classic Edition: Will Be Released This Holiday Season

Also the rumor says that Nintendo will price it at $120. Which they should reconsider because they could win this holiday season with people buying both Nintendo Switch and the SNES Classic Edition over the Xbox Scorpio and the PS4 Pro. Lastly please let us know your thoughts on that in the comment section below.

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