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Nexus And Pixel Users Facing Software Bug On Flashing Android 7.1.2 On Their Devices

Nexus And Pixel

Google announced new Android 7.1.2 update for Nexus and Pixel devices. It will be soon available in next two weeks. If  you don’t have any patient and can’t wait for updates then you may have used Android Debug Bridge (ADB), tool from Google to flash your phone. And you may have facing a hitch while using this tool.

Google reported that there are some software bugs while updating Android 7.1.2 using flashing tool ADB, especially on latest Nexus and Pixel devices which includes large files. Newest version for this tool, rev.25.0.4 was released on 16th of March.  So in this situation it can not work on Android 7.1.2 factory images, on which you are trying to flash.

The solution is not tough enough, if you are using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) then you can solve this issue by downloading the previous version, rev.25.0.3 which was released in December, it will help you to solve your problem.

You can gain more Knowledge about Android 7.1.2 features and updates in my previous article:

Listed below are the updates and changes they want to focus on for Nexus series and Pixel C in Android 7.1.2:

  • Enhanced notification stability
  • Fingerprint swipe on Nexus 5X/6P
  • General connectivity improvements
  • Battery usage alerts

Initially Fingerprint swipe gesture was limited for Pixel devices only, later on it was extended for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P too. But the process did not run as what was expected by Google, in addition it also causes some bugs and issues on both Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Now it seems that Google has solved that issue with the update of Android 7.1.2.


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