Latest rumors buzzing the tech-sphere, suggesting rather alleging NVIDIA Volta launching on  the ‘12nm FinFET’ technology, in 2017. If the latest hardware rumors are true, NVIDIA is believed to be all set for a bang with launch of Volta GPUs- next generation very soon, this year in fact.

pascalmaxwell Next generation Volta GPUs   is NVIDIA ready for launch?
Shell we trust the rumors and believe that it’s time to say goodbye to Pascal and is NVIDIA’s allegedly upcoming generation of GPUs going to succeed Pascal GPU microarchitecture? Pascal, that had emerged as successor to the Maxwell is apparently going to pave way for next generation indeed and new technology could be seen in the ‘GPGPU’ super computing, artificial intelligence space(s) or machine learning etc.

It is further believed that Volta’s going have a ‘12nm FinFET’ cutting edge-kind of manufacturing process to be built of, at TSMC but we’ve got to wait, for an indefinite period till the Volta finally arrives on gaming side on the GeForce. From various reports available on the wire now the idea can however be derived that NVIDIA is going to honor its official word; and take care of graphic cards on GeForce gaming in a year’s time or so.

But then again, before coming to the gaming side, countless leading-edge machines and supercomputers are going to need Volta to power them.


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