After an uncertain halt, we are now receiving news regarding the next generation mobile GPUs. But the sad news is that according to a recent Gigabyte report, the releases are expected somewhere around the end of the year.

Nvidia’s Plans

Speaking f what Nvidia has in its pipeline, we are looking forward to the GeForce 20 mobile series. As outlined by the company on various occasions, Ampere, Turing and Pascal Refresh are the upcoming performances packages but sadly, Nvidia hasn’t planned to release any of these in the near future. What’s more frustrating that even the rumor mill is silent on this topic so we need to wait for almost 6 months to finally see something happening.

This was stamped with approval by OverclockersUK forums where a Gigabyte UK Notebook representative confirmed that no Aero 15X refresh is expected till the new generation of (GeForce) graphics is available (until the end of this year).

Gigabyte GeForce 20 Series 1000x389 AMD and Intel arent interested in releasing the next gen mobile GPUs in the near future!

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