Square Enix is currently working on one of its huge future projects named ‘Avengers’ and there are signs that the game will be deployed to the next-gen consoles which might also include Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s new Xbox Scarlett family of systems.

Crystal Dynamics is the publishing house working on this project and they have posted a new job listing that hints that the game could target both current and next-gen systems. The company requires a senior software engineer having “experience with current and next gen platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.”

While we still don’t have a clue on when these systems will be out, CD’s job opening is a clear clue on what they are trying to do in the future. The futuristic developers are always keen to new technologies and normally get the access to next-gen devkits much prior to others. So, this might be a fact that the upcoming Avengers game will be deployed upon the next-gen consoles.

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