You have lots of data on your personal computer. It sometimes becomes so scattered and gets mixed that you don’t know where to find what. But Windows 10 gives off many options from which you can search file in Windows 10 or folder or any type of data in your system.  In the version of windows 10, searching file is now the lot easier than from the previous version. You don’t need to end the full URL address of the desired files. There are now three main methods to search a file.

  • Searching for the name with windows.
  • The new version has the My Stuff feature.
  • Search by voice recognition using Cortana.
sshot 120 New Ways To Find And Search File In Windows 10 Version
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Search by search options

It is the most simple way of search which is use in every version. There is the option of search with the search box in the top right corner of file explorer of every window. Type the name there, and click on the search button. Specific files related to that name will appear and you can find your file from it.

My Stuff

If you want a list of the resulting items from your search then go for My stuff option. This will open the summary of the result which windows 10 has found. But, this is just the summary and list not all the details. There is the option of “See all” with every listed item. You can get the full information by click that “See all” option.

How to Search Files in Windows 10 4 New Ways To Find And Search File In Windows 10 Version
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IT is not important to remember the spelling and write all the info, you can now use Cortana. With the help of Cortana, you can announce the name of the file by your voice and windows will search the file for you. How will you do that? Just click on the Cortana microphone and then say anything you want to search. Let’s assume you are searching some pictures, then you will say “pictures”, Cortana listens and pass your command. Then tap the option of “My Stuff”. It will bring up search results in front screen. Now you can see how easy is this.

Users can follow simple steps to access the files from Windows 10 by using Onedrive App

You can ask Cortana more. BY looking the result you can ask invoice for more specific results by giving some hints. For example “Show me pics of date 5-march-2016” Cortana will listen to you and give all the picture of that day. Cortana can do more, you just need to explore it.