The latest new by Chrome is that it builds new feature called Fingerprint Support. Now Chrome OS Canary Channel is updated with support for fingerprint scanners. The code of this update is now ready and available for testing. The newest Chrome Developers manufacture finger supports for five fingerprints according to report by Chrome Story. An experimental testing is been doing on this feature, latest version 58.0.3015.0 of  Chrome OS canary channel has this feature for beta testing.

chromebook New Updation In Chrome OS Fingerprint Support
image source: cdn.wccftech

What is Chrome Canary Channel

It is like the desktop Google browser version, this version always have thenew features and the latest development changes. But, iwhat makes it different from destop version is that it  can work more safely  and is more stable.

Chrome Unboxed had described this as:

“This sets up interrupt line used by the fingerprint sensor on Gru. Note that spider driver does not use it, but the real driver will.”

What does this Fingerprint Support do:

It Enables quick unlock from your fingerprint. You can setup this update and then you can unlock your Chromebook on the lock screen when your device while detecting your fingerprint which you have already set at the setup time.

This is not the end of Chrome OS updates. It is also testing some method of quick unlock using PIN. This feature by Chrome will gonna be a great hit in the coming future. This is the fact that it will be more reasonable if we can access it from google play store also as well as from Chromebooks. But for now, it is only available in Chromebook without access in Google play store. Still, it is very useful to many people is professional use also. This PIN  Lock will be appreciatable app when it becomes stable. The full version of PIN lock and Fingerprint Lock on Chromebooks will be released soon.

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