A brand new type of Galaxy has been recently found by Scientist and it is nothing like we have ever seen before. The new Galaxy has been named as  the PGC 1000714 and located at about 359 million light years away from planet Earth. The new Galaxy consist of a circular ring structure around the core of center. Many of the Galaxies are in spiral shape or like the milky way or in elliptical shapes. Galaxies with ring are very rare to be found often. The best example would be the Hoags Object which was discovered in the year of 1950 by the scientist named as Arthur Hoag. stars which ordered around the Ring galaxies are in a central core in contrast to the elliptical galaxies and spiral in which the stars are scattered and spread. this is what the mystical deal is about this new system: rather than one round ring of stars around a core, it has two rings.

32894679 ring galaxy 1 New Type of Galaxy Have been Discovered, A Circular Ring Structure Around a Central Core.


via: www.sciencealert.com

Scientist have never gone over this type of wonder ever before hence, it must be something to a great degree extraordinary. “A Hoag-type universe, one with a circular ring surrounding encompassing a round center, is as of now exceptionally uncommon, yet discovering one with conceivably two extremely normal rings is very unique,” said Patrick Treuthardt, an astrophysicist at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS). The stars in the PGC 1000174 are divided into 2 distinct camps: the ring of youthful radiant blue stars encompassing a center of old, less iridescent stars.

The external ring of the PGC 1000714 universe comprises of blue stars which are just 0.13 billion years of age. The inward red core comprises of more ancient stars which are said to be 5.5 billion years of age. This inward red ring is what is of pinnacle enthusiasm to researchers.

1234816294 dwarfarrow 1024 New Type of Galaxy Have been Discovered, A Circular Ring Structure Around a Central Core.

via: www.sciencealert.com

How this has happened?
About the cause of information no one is quite clear of the particular type of galaxy. The researchers are assuming after some observation about this galaxy may have been born after the colliding of stars from two of the very distinct time periods. Since this is an unparalleled situation it can hardly establish as a fact. As per the scientist team they also thinks that the outer ring may have had portions of rich gas galaxy that might have existed before. It is important to monitor on how long the rings stay intact in PGC 1000174. If only they do not last long enough.

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